welcome in the history of Acers around the globe.

Here is the pleace where the history of all old websites created by Acers, old materials, full timeline and topics from forums during two ACE decades can be found. Feel free to contact us if You want to fill the missing pages or send us old screenshots.

17 AUG 2015

Good news! Jenny will finally perform in Poland during a fest in Ilow. Moreover yesterday I have already returned from 10th Polish Acer Meeting in Gdansk. There were many Acers and it was good to meet them all. You can read an article about the meeting in Acer Meetings section. Have fun!

9 JUL 2015

We're back! After some server refreshments here we have to moved into Facebook platform. So there is no point of writing about what we already know, but if somebody miss this: 6th March 2015 Ace Of Base released new album called Hidden Gems. Go to their official webpage (Yes! The official website back) and order physical or digital version of the album. You can also watch our promo trailer: ---->CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PROMO VIDEO!<----

10 NOV 2014

Hidden Gems - probably this will be the next title of the new release. According to Jonas' post on facebook it will be a physical and digital release: both in vinyl and CD formats. Moreover Acers will be able to preorder it soon. There will be some extra never published material. What is more all Ace Of Base world is really surprised because of the new band called A*Base. Remember old A*Teens? The idea of the new band is the same: to copy old Ace Of Base and make some fresh sound. Premiere of the new single is tomorrow. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry was chosen to be the first single. And the last news is.. a new demo appeared here. Thank You for 200 likes on our fanpage on Facebook. Because of that we share Jonas' demo: I'm a Zombie! So prepare for new demo drama. Have fun!

1 OCT 2014

Proudly we can announce that in multimedia section You can find the harp project completed. Three Ace Of Base songs were played on harp for the very first time. Arrangements written special for harp. Nowhere else You will find such a aobish videos, enjoy!

14 SEP 2014

Rare live performance of Hey Darling finally appeard. You can watch it in the video section. Moreover new demo of What's The Name Of The Game (first original version) is also available in data base section. We moved audio section and totally changed all multimedia sections: now You can download music sheets, wallpapers, bonuses, songs, remixes and more! Data base section is now locked - the login and password You will find on The Ace Boards. We would like to thank to all our supporters around the world.

3 SEP 2014

September means holidays are over - it is finally time to go back to working on website. Basicly few sections were updated: the timeline, acer tv, acers catalog, discography and we added new demos into the list and updated data base. In the near future data base will be opened only by login and password. Also our website crew changed a little bit.

19 AUG 2014

Report from International Acer Meeting 2014 in Poznan, Poland is already on our website. You can read an article and see some pictures of Acers from IAM. There will be also a video soon (honestly it is already done, but it can take a while to upload 2 GB in HD on the Youtube). We would like to thank all Acers from around the world for the fantastic adventure: Alex, Alan, Joanna, Jessi, Anja, Sergej, Anastasia, Timax and Dmitrij. We miss each other now and looking forward for another great event.---->CLICK HERE TO READ AN ARTICLE!<----

17 MAR 2014

It is finally time to announce the International Acer meeting 2014! After some changes we decided to pick up the date and place: 15-17. 08. 2014, Poznan - Poland. Everybody who want to join please read all retails first. See You in Poland! ---->Click here if You want to read details.<----

1 NOV 2013

Join now into the European Acer Meeting 2013! You can read more about it on The Ace Boards. It is all about the Jenny performance in Berlin (23.11.2013 in Velodrom). You can buy the tickets at:

12 OCT 2013

Finally thanks to Eric and Jeff we made some updates. The charts, music scores and fac-fiction secions were completed. Moreover multimedia finally works: now You can hear preview of all tracks from the Happy Nation/ TS/ HN US albums. And what is more to our team joined Andreas who will helps Ritchie making the full Ace Of Base discography! As for the articles: Tino has got a CD with data from the old 4ever, unfortunately it was broken so he can`t to recovery data. That is why we want You to send us all available materials from old websites to bring back our memories. We want to keep and raise them here. Unfortunately wayback-machine website can`t to recovery all, so this website was created to bring back all old materials and put it here online available to all Acers.

7 OCT 2013

Still alot of work. You can read some articles from 2003. You will see the rest of them too but they are not available at this moment. We working on selecting and prescribing them into the website. We are woring on the full discography but it can tooks long time, because Ritchie wants to upload high sized photos. It can be done also with some flash animations, however there are many problems with java/flash css here.

28 SEP 2013

New section appeared: credits. We will provide to write all Acers names who helped to get the material there. 25 new profles were updated in Acers catalog and Nikki`s short article about the hostory of Aceofbaseplanet

21 SEP 2013

Dear Acers. We would like to thank all of You for Your great support. We feel the power of Acers and how finally this event (creating the website together) makes us a community of unity. Thank You for thousand of e-mails. In this week there was an update: new profiles in Acers catalog, video section, finally a new article about official old, picture section was also created and we started to uploading new articles. Many of sections are still under construction. See You soon, stay united!

14 SEP 2013

Thanks to all of You we have a really busy weekend! All Acers around the globe are sending to us thousand of e-mails with old data, photos and a lot of stuff. We have already all files of old AOB Cafe & data, moreover many of You want to join and add into the Acers catalog section. We still searching people who want to write something about Acer meeting in own country or about memories of the old websites. Few sections were updated: Acer meetings, Acers catalog and data base.

11 SEP 2013

Test version of Ace Of Base HOUSE is finally launched! However many of sections are still missing. If You want to help us and join into our team send us an e-mail: Few sections were updated: old websites, ace tv, animations, the dots project, demo list and website crew.

20 AUG 2013

Claes wrote on Aceboards that his hard drive was stolen. We waited for the new website so long that this event was another impulse to keep in making another one. Guys from AOB Hub confirmed that there are going to be significant delays..

12 AUG 2013

Someone wrote on Aceboards that Julia has already confirmed that she is no longer in the band: "..I talked to Julia from AOB and asked if the rumor that her and Clara had left of Ace Of Base was true, she replied and confirmed that it was true, so I think it's safe to assume that the "dot girls" era is officially over (...) You can find this thread here. This info was determinant to finally set activity of the band for years of 2 decades: 1993-2013 and create a website about the past.

3 AUG 2013

During many discussions with multinational Acers we mentioned old past, old websites, good memories. And that is how an idea to create a website about all the past was born. I connected with all Acers to consider what we would like to have in this website to keep our precious memories forever.